Middle Eastern Scale Forest Flute

Black bamboo with Arabian motif carvings
Black bamboo middle eastern flute


3 octave range in A 440 hertz tuning. Tnned to an Egyptian Ney scale which is D F F# A A# D

This flute design features 5 holes including the thumb hole like an Oriental flute. Small agate stone inlay. Hand carving work. Waxed thread bindings. The bore is detailed in burgundy color. Final polish in almond oil.

Raymond Robinson's review of my flute work Read more on his website.
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Small Side blown Egyptian scale flute


Key of A Minor Egyptian Scale Hand Carved Bamboo Flute

Another original Thomas Richardson Music Bamboo Flute Design

15 inches in length. Built from cured Chinese bamboo. Beautiful bamboo enhanced with an original custom stain finish. Eco-flow water based stains are used to complete the final finish. Hemp thread bindings. Hints of gold color in the finish.

Tuned at A 440 hertz. Key of A minor Egyptian which is A BFLAT C CSHARP E F GSHARP A.


Reiki Symbol Flower of Life Egyptian Flute


Built from cured Chinese bamboo. 3 octave range. A 440HZ tuning. Key of D middle eastern minor.

This flute features 5 holes with a thumb hole like an Oriental flute though tuned with an Egyptian scale you might hear on an Egyptian Ney.
Hand carved and painted Reiki symbol Cho-Ku-Rei is featured on the front of the body of this healing sounding flute. Flower of Life symbols adorn the lower half.


2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo Flute

Asavari Raga Flute
Asavari Raga Flute Asavari Raga Flute

Built from cured Chinese bamboo. This unusual flute is 2 feet in length.
Tuned to a north Indian Raga called Asavari Raga. Tuned in A440HZ in the key of C or B minor. The intervals of the scale in C are C D EFLAT F G AFLAT BFLAT C. Beautiful and meditative sounds. I believe I am one of the few flute builders building flutes in this scale. I can build this in other lengths and keys so contact me if you have a request for this flute.


Egyptian Scale Quena


22 inch Quena style flute with an exotic middle eastern tuning. Featuring beautiful custom hand carved Egyptian artistic motif designs. Built from Chinese bamboo. All finger holes are created via burning as well as the bore.
Fire and water are used exclusively within my flute building process. The bore is detailed in burgundy color.

Hints of gold appear in the finish. Waxed vinyl thread bindings. This wonderful flute features a thumb hole like the Japanese Shakuhachi.

An exotic Quena design which features a tuning similar to an Egyptian Ney flute!


Shivaranjani Raga Flute

Shivaranjani Raga Flute
Shivaranjani Raga FluteShivaranjani Raga Flute

19 inches in length. Built from cured Chinese bamboo. 3 octave range.

The flute tuning is based on Raga Shivaranjani. The sound of this raga displays an exotic range of emotions and tends to awaken the emotion of divine love.

4 finger holes. Key of Eflat minor. Tuning derived from Thatt Kafi. Traditionally played at night from 9pm - 12am. Deeply meditative and healing sounding eastern scale.


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My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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Correspondence on the Middle Eastern Flute:
Incredible sounding and playing flute. Even after a couple of weeks of me playing from scratch. I've gained so much pleasure from the flute you made. As well as it being a beautiful instrument, I feel I have a lovely piece of working art. The craftsmanship is phenomenal. If you're interested in purchasing a bamboo flute, my advice is do!! I'm extremely glad I did. Thomas's flutes are the real deal, and exceptionally reeasonable in price. Thanks Thomas.
Tim Sawyer, United Kingdom

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