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New amazing sounding flutes being built in 2015!

It's taken a long while to get dialed in but my new flute production team is ready to go and we're creating and shipping 2015 flutes around the world! As we build our brand new website, I will be adding some of our new inventory onto this site until we migrate the content over. Watch for wonderful new flutes being added on to this site now! If you have a question for my new talented carving artist Ryan Bemis you will be able to email him for a specific artistic request. His new page will be online later this evening. New Kung Fu flute designs and others will be online later tonight!

September Newsletter and Sale

I wanted to send out another quick mailing to the members of the site who have signed up for these updates and to tell you of the new things happening at Thomas Richardson Music, as well as tell you about our September sale!

June Sale and Coupons


Just a quick note to let everyone know, that the following products are on sale for the rest of June:

$87.77 discounted to $70.77

$77.77 discounted to $67.00


$90.00 discounted to $78.00


$75.00 discounted to $65.00

May 2009 Newsletter

I wanted to send out a quick mailing to the members of the site who have signed up for these updates and to tell you of the new things happening at Thomas Richardson Music!

My wife Nicole and I are now working together on the bamboo flutes and Nicole is hand carving and painting all of the latest designs. I am still in the process of updating all of the images on the website to reflect the latest versions of the flutes. Take a look at some of the new images, on our Gallery page or on the individual product pages.


Thomas Richardson Music February 2009 Sale

I wanted to send out a newsletter to wish everyone a happy 2009,
though most importantly, to thank you all for supporting my flute
building work through 2008!

My wife Nicole and I moved to a new address on the north side of
Spokane, Washington in late 2008. I almost have my new workshop set up
the way I want it to be for my continued flute building in the future.
I've been curing a few species of Chinese tonkin bamboo, and green
bamboo in the workshop this year. I feel that my continued on going
process of flute building has come to a new level. I am very pleased

Thomas Richardson Music: New Products for October 2008

Namaste Everyone,

I wanted to send out a product update news letter, so those of you
who have signed up will be updated on the latest product additions to
my website.

I have learned much about this work over the past year and I now build
in the ancient tradition of the bansuri builders from India who cure
their bamboo poles for years before they begin building. I have both
green bamboo and Chinese Tonkin bamboo poles curing in my workshop.
I use fire to heat, harden, cure and color the bamboo as I build.
I burn all the tones holes with an Ahoken burning stick and some other



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Chinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute ReplicaTan Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill FluteChinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica$107.00
2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo FluteAsavari Raga Flute2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo Flute$75.00

My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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I bought the 27.5 ZEN MEDITATION FLUTE from you a few weeks ago. It's been awesome, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it! Do you have any sheet music I can buy from you? I'm new to the flute world!

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