Bamboo Native Flute

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Built from cured Chinese stone bamboo.

Comes with a custom brown wax thread binding featuring a bead and feather embellishment.

Native style 5 hole pentatonic minor tuning in concert pitch A 440.

Healing, heart opening, and inspiring Native flute sounds, in a side blown bamboo flute!

All holes are burnt via fire and burning rods. Fire and water are used exclusively within the process. The bore is detailed in burgundy color.

Very easy and fun to play!

If you want the flute hand carved - you can custom order it that way as well. Email me if you would like artwork on this flute.

Price: $62.00

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My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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I received my little anasazi flute this morning without absolutely no problem.
So, all as i really have to say is that you were totally right.
She is really wonderfull and sound delightful. i was amazed to hear how it is loud and clear voice and astonishingly pretty powerful. So, I am very happy with this one, it is just a great flute. And please, congrats to your wife for carving and drawing that are also delightful.
i think that i buy surely in the beginning of the year one or two of your flutes. But, i am hesitating for the first between the middle east forest flute and the reiki egyptian. I was searching sound for the egyptian but those linked at your site were not found. Please, could you send to me samples for this flute ?
The second will surely be the kill bill replica...... So nice.
So, A great thanks to you for this amazing little anasazi and wish to you and your wife all the best for Xmas.
José from France

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