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Chinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica

SKU: Tan Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute
4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica
 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica


A custom bamboo flute design by Thomas Richardson Music, inspired by the bamboo flute that David Carradine built and played in scenes from Kill Bill.

David Carradine was an amazing and inspiring flute builder! An original flute designer, and a skilled builder. Unique in how he approached his bamboo flute designs. He grew his own bamboo, he harvested it, and built long bamboo flutes which featured a sound chamber above the breath hole which simply act as a shoulder rest for the player.

My 4 foot Carradine inspired Kill Bill Flute can be rested on the left shoulder when playing like on a violin. Built from tan cured Chinese bamboo. Tuned to the Pentatonic minor scale. 5 holes with a thumb hole on the bottom like the Shakuhachi flute. All finger holes and the bore have been burnt via fire and burning rods. The bore is colored in burgundy. Custom stain finish. 2+ octaves. 440 tuning. Hemp bindings. Final polish in almond oil. Comfortable to finger and to hold. This is an amazing sounding flute!

I've been building 2,3,4,5 and 6 foot Carradine style flutes for almost a decade now!

Price: $107.00

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Chinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute ReplicaTan Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill FluteChinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica$107.00

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Hello Thomas
Thanks a lot, i just got my flute and am very very happy with her.
I could make sound easy and what is perfect is that i can easy reach the holes with my small hands as some flutes i bought on the net i can't play as the holes are to far apart.
This flute looks like a real old flute and the sound is amazing so if i still get that coupon from you for a discount then soon i will order 1 more.
Are all your flutes easy to play as for the holes not being to far apart for small hands, otherwise let me know which ones are so i can make my choice.
Thanks again, beautiful work!
Marco - Belgium

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