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Weekly I am completing flute orders along the same time line. I also have a part time janitorial job. It takes time and there are steps in the process. Orders placed ahead of your order are the ones that ship out first. Your flute status will change from processing to building, your order may stay in this status for a time period, but don't worry, I am completing other flutes and packaging and shipping them out. You will see the status change to either "drying" or to "final drying". When your order changes to "shipped". I've shipped out via U.S.P.S. domestic or international shipping.

Thank you for your order. I am creating an amazing flute for you!



Thomas Richardson

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Hi Thomas/Nicole
Have received my new flutes in perfect condition,and they look great, i
like the paintings on them and have noticed there is slight guilding on them too which shines in the light. they also feel nice and solid too. and im sure i can detect a slight smell of incense on one of them.
I cant say much about the sound of them yet as im not proficient at playing
but am quickly managing to get a sound out of them which is nice and
clear so im excited to hear more of it as i progress,just got to go find
somewhere with good natural reverb now.
Thanks again for the work put into these.
Michael - United Kingdom

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