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Master Carved 5 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica

SKU: 5 Foot Master Carved Kill Bill Flute
5 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica
5 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica5 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica

Custom bamboo flute design by Thomas Richardson Music.

Inspired by the bamboo flute that David Carradine played in scenes from Kill Bill. David sets the breath hole, several cells down the bamboo towards the center depending on what kind of bamboo he is making his flute out of. The flute he designed for Bruce Lee's film "The Silent Flute" is a great example of his creative flute building perspective.

On this hand carved Kill Bill Flute the emboucher is located a few cells down the body of the flute which creates a nice chamber above the emboucher and the flute can be rested on the left shoulder like a violin. Tuned to the Pentatonic Minor scale. 2 + octaves. Tuned in A440HZ pitch. Comfortable to finger and to hold. Made from cured Tan Chinese bamboo.

The size of this flute is inspired by the flutes of the ancient Shaolin KUNG FU masters who used their Shakuhachi's as walking sticks, wind instruments and as martial arts weapons.

The bore is colored in burgandy. We use a final eco-flo natural water based stain application to create the final finish. Hemp thread bindings. All holes are burnt via burning rods and fire. Fire and water are used exclusively within my flute building process. This flute shows the Kanji symbol for TIGER which has been hand carved onto the body, a carved and painted Tiger, a Peacock and other Asian motifs. Each one is a one of a kind artistic creation. A very beautiful flute and no one builds and carves them like these but us! This flute takes time patience and care to complete. Inspired by Shaolin masters and the Samurai.

Head out into special nature spots to play, near streams or rivers or walk to great acoustical spots in your neighborhood which feature large arches which produce natural reverberation. The interesting spots can help you to tune in and explore the meditative sounds of your flutes.

Recent EBAY feedback on my carved kill bill flute replica :
Praise: Big, beautiful, haunting flute. Excellent transaction -- thanks!

Inspire your personal meditations with unique bamboo sounds!

Price: $180.00

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My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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Thomas & Nicole,
I wanted to let you know that the flutes arrived safe and sound. I also wish to convey my deepest thanks to you and Nicole for the love that was put into making these flutes.
Some people go through life not knowing their purpose, but it is clear that you and Nicole have found your purpose by creating these works of art. They are soo beautiful, both of you have done a wonderful job.
Just so you know I'll be taking these flutes up to the hills, here in Korea, soon and while there I'll find a quiet place, play a little bit and think of you both.
I hope that your days are filled with happiness and peace,

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