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May 2009 Newsletter

I wanted to send out a quick mailing to the members of the site who have signed up for these updates and to tell you of the new things happening at Thomas Richardson Music!

My wife Nicole and I are now working together on the bamboo flutes and Nicole is hand carving and painting all of the latest designs. I am still in the process of updating all of the images on the website to reflect the latest versions of the flutes. Take a look at some of the new images, on our Gallery page or on the individual product pages.


The new art work and kanji script carving is very beautiful looking and I thank my wife for her wonderful contribution to the flutes! It is a great blessing for me to be able to work with Nicole in this process. I am teaching her how to build these flutes as well.

For now I do all of the building and fine tuning myself.

I also have a new Tunings page, detailing some of the tunings my flutes use:


Check out the photos in the gallery of the curing process of the Chinese Tonkin bamboo in Hong Kong. This is the bamboo I use to build the flutes with. I will be adding a new green bamboo species from China into my building stock for all of the future green bamboo flutes I build. I haven't received this bamboo order yet, but should have the bamboo by next month. I plan to use the Chinese Tonkin bamboo for all my flutes from now on. I love the tonal range, which features a full 3 octaves on most designs.

I am recording Forest Bamboo Flute Meditations now and we also released "Kama Shivaya - Shadow of Change" on CD last month. It is available on the site under the music link up top.

I am now offering some of the flutes I build in the NATURAL VERSION at a discounted price and I plan to add more designs in the natural version in the future. Check the link to natural versions on the top of the website if your interested.

Hope you all are well! Thank you for taking sometime out of your busy day to read this mailing.

Peace, happiness and appreciation to you,

Thomas and Nicole Richardson

Thomas Richardson Music

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Received ^^ ....absolutely beautiful ....got some good sounds out of it first night and havent played a flute in 20 years .... it will become like a companion to me. Thank you. BryanJamesRamsey, Columbia, MO

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