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No more carving artists at TRM.com

I want to get my flutes out faster to you! It is very difficult to work between 2 artists, between workshops and passing flutes back and forth to finish orders. I'm now on my own and can get flutes out much faster!

All art is now added via print by me and takes much less time and looks very nice.

I have 3 sites to order through including this original site. New images and flutes are being photographed and in production at the end of 2017! Check back! Thank you.

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Chinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute ReplicaTan Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill FluteChinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica$107.00
2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo FluteAsavari Raga Flute2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo Flute$75.00

My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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I wanted to leave you a testimonial for your page.
A big thank you to Thomas and Nicole for the beautiful Shaolin Kung Fu Flute. The carving and colors are awesome! We toured through China for 3 weeks summer of 2008 and looked at many flutes in the different providences we were at. The flute that you and Nicole have made for my son stands out! it is truly a one of a kind and a work of art.
Thank You
Bruce, USA

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