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Reiki Symbol Flower of Life Egyptian Flute

SKU: Reiki Egyptian Flute


Built from cured Chinese bamboo. 3 octave range. A 440HZ tuning. Key of D middle eastern minor.

This flute features 5 holes with a thumb hole like an Oriental flute though tuned with an Egyptian scale you might hear on an Egyptian Ney.
Hand carved and painted Reiki symbol Cho-Ku-Rei is featured on the front of the body of this healing sounding flute. Flower of Life symbols adorn the lower half.

21 inches in length. Brown hemp bindings. The bore is colored in burgundy. All holes and the bore are burnt via fire and burning rods. Fire and water are used exclusively within my flute building process.
Easy to play with middle eastern sounds!

If you want a Ney like sound in a side blown flute, this bamboo flute is far eastern in tonality and for you!

Price: $73.00

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Hi, Thomas,
Could not wait to tell you how amazed I am at the sight and sound of my new Joseph Rivers flute, which arrived today. I have several very special flutes, but this one has instantly become my favorite. How beautiful it is with the special finishes and the wonderful artwork, but even its appearance cannot compare to its voice. It takes so little breath to bring forth such a rich, full sound. It will be my every day companion from now on.
If it's possible, I would so love to be told about Nicole's artwork on my flute - the leopard type figure with a bird's head, and the lovely flower behind it. (I'm an artist, too, and have tremendous appreciation for the vision behind the work of other artists.) So I'd love to know the significance/meaning/mythology of the figures she chose to use on this flute. Please tell her that I love the artwork, and am only asking in order to more fully understand and appreciate its significance to her as she created it for me.
Thank you for this marvelous flute. I've already chosen my next one, and will return to you for it as soon as it is possible!
Blessings on you and yours,

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