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SKU: Shaolin Martial Arts Flute
Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Flute
Shaolin Kung Fu Meditation PracticeShaolin Kung Fu MeditationShaolin Kung Fu Meditation FluteShaolin Kung Fu Meditation Flute5 Foot Shaolin Kung Fu Meditation Flute5 Foot Shaolin Kung Fu Meditation Flute5 Foot Shaolin Kung Fu Meditation Flute

Original design by Thomas Richardson Music. A 5 foot Martial Arts flute.

Kanji script for Shaolin Kung Fu has been carved, and painted on to the flute body to enhance the intention of this Carradine inspired flute. A Chinese inspired Phoenix motif with a cloud sky scape is hand carved and painted beneath the breath hole of every flute. We also offer a natural version without artwork for a large discount! Just select natural version at check out.

Built from cured Chinese bamboo with a beautiful custom mix stain finish. All finger holes and the bore are burnt via fire and burning rods. Fire and water are used exclusively within my flute building process. Hemp thread bindings. Eco-flow water based stain final application to the entire finish on this flute. Hints of gold in the finish. The bore is colored in burgundy. Final polish in almond oil.

Each flute becomes a custom original piece of bamboo flute art! This piece takes care and time to create.

Tuned to the Pentatonic minor scale. A440HZ tuning. Features 5 finger holes which includes the thumb hole like the Japanese Shakuhachi flute.

The breath hole, is set a few nodes down the bamboo which creates a sound chamber above the breath hole which simply serves as a shoulder rest. This is another bamboo flute design based upon the flute building work of the David Carradine who starred in Kung Fu and Kill Bill and built the flutes featured in the films.

A modern replica of the legendary flutes played by the ancient Shaolin Kung Fu masters.

Price: $155.00

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My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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Thomas and Nicole,
The two flutes arrived today. They are stunning. I absolutely love the art on both. The Arabian took a little practice to get to sing, but now that I'm getting comfortable with it, the sound is breathtaking. It's beautifully haunting. The kill bill also sounds amazing. I haven't had as much time to play that one yet, but plan to tonight. The arabian is actually sitting next to me on my desk at work, and everyone who walks by has to stop to admire it. I love them both, you have once again sent me two pieces of beautiful art. Thank you so much! P.S., may be ordering yet another here soon. I'm lusting after an egyptian flute as we speak. Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered making a flute with an Irish ( low D keyed) sound to it? : ) Thought I'd ask in honor of ST. Pattys. Again thank you so much, and my wife and I are both stunned by these flutes. They turned out beautifully and I couldn't be happier with the sound and art. Hope you are both well!

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