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Thomas Richardson Music February 2009 Sale

I wanted to send out a newsletter to wish everyone a happy 2009,
though most importantly, to thank you all for supporting my flute
building work through 2008!

My wife Nicole and I moved to a new address on the north side of
Spokane, Washington in late 2008. I almost have my new workshop set up
the way I want it to be for my continued flute building in the future.
I've been curing a few species of Chinese tonkin bamboo, and green
bamboo in the workshop this year. I feel that my continued on going
process of flute building has come to a new level. I am very pleased
with the new flutes coming out of the workshop in 2009! I plan to
photograph the workshop this spring so everyone can see more of the
process. We plan to start shooting YouTube video so you can see and
hear the flutes played in the workshop along side key tones generated
from the Korg chromatic tuner. I'll shoot some tips and flute playing
ideas on video though I feel that I am still very much on my flute
playing-learning journey. It's been a wonderful search and fullfilling
addition to my life. The bamboo flute is such an amazing and
healing instrument.

I am offering a new fire treated finish I call the "Brahma Jyoti"
finish. Check out the new gallery link and you can see some of the
newer flutes for 2009. I am exploring fire treating the finish and
handcarving it, so watch the website and the gallery over this year as
we will be updating images weekly on the site. My wife is beginning to
apprentice with me and she is now doing some beautiful handcraving work.
She is perfect at "in laying" nice looking stones onto bamboo flutes and
is also skilled with the hand painting.

I have a nice sale happening in February and any flute you order until
the end of February we can create the Brahma Jyoti finish on, with or
without hand carving, inlay a stone, or go more natural, whatever you
would like at no extra charge! Just type in what you want customized on
your flute within the comment box in the shopping cart when you securely
check out.

All our sales are listed on this page:


Below is a list of the flutes that are currently on sale this month:

16.5 Inch Zen Meditation Flute

Regularly $54, on sale for $45.


27.5 Inch Zen Meditation Flute

Regularly $75, on sale for $65.

Bamboo Native Flute

Regularly $70, on sale for $55!!!

25.5 Inch Gentle Spirit Flute Replica

Regularly $84, on sale for $70.

Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica

Regularly $135, on sale for $118.

6 Tone Hole Arabian Scale Forest Flute

Regularly $80, on sale for $60.

Middle Eastern Forest Flute

Regularly $75, on sale for $60.

3 Foot Kung Fu Flute With 4 Tone Holes

Regularly $90, on sale for $75.


We have many new bamboo flute designs coming to the site over the next
months! The new Asavari Raga flute, The north Indian minor, new
Oriental 5 tone, and new Anasazi flute will all be online at the end of
February '09. Other flutes are in deveopment now including root end
Shakuhachi's, Native flutes and Eastern sounds!

Check out the photo's in the gallery from Peter, my bamboo connection
and salesman in China - watch the process that goes into the curing and
coloring the bamboo at the factory. Very interesting! This bamboo is
cured before it even arriives at my workshop.

My webmaster is designing a new player for the website so you don't have
to click a link to listen to sounds. I am recording Forest Bamboo Flute
Meditations Vol. 1 now and plan to have the CD within my inventory online
at the end of April 09. Many new projects and flutes are in the works!


New option for flute practice in 2009 - I am now producing custom synth
drones and sounds in the key of your flute for your personal flute
practices and journeys.

Thomas Richardson Music custom studio mastered practice CD in the key
and scale of your new flute featuring the sounds of synth, nature,
ethnic sounds, and a solo on your new flute or flutes.

Concert pitched continous sounds for bamboo flute practice and nada yoga
sound meditation.

I've received great feedback on this new product and Niall of the UK is
the one who asked me for this service and inspired me to begin offering
this as a unique new product. Here is what he had to say after receiving
his new flutes and practice CD in february 2009.

"WOW I love these flutes. You have done a fantastic job, They sit
amazingly next to my last two. The work on the flutes is applause worthy.
I've sat and meditated to the practice CD. It's an awesome sound!
I'm looking forward to playing my new flutes with it in the background.
You should definitely consider selling a range of them on your website."

Thank you Niall!


Thank you for all the inspiration within my flute building.

Great health, abundance, peace and happiness upon all of you in 2009!

Happy flute playing!


Thomas and Nicole Richardson, Thomas Richardson Music



Introducing you to the oldest, most remarkable resource on the planet.
Both sustainable and plentiful, bamboo has been used for thousands of
years to make a vast array of items. From housing and furniture to
musical instruments and needles, its uses are endless. Bamboo is strong,
flexible and beautiful in both its natural and finished states. It is an
abundant resource that could beneficially replace many of the less
sustainable materials now commonly used in our daily lives.

Bamboo grows faster than any other plant on the planet, the record being
an incredible 47.6 inches in a 24 hour period. It has been recorded at
upto 180 feet tall with a diameter of over a foot and walls an inch or
more thick. There are some fifteen hundred species that are native to
every continent except Europe.

Bamboo is essentially a giant grass and as with your lawn, can be cut
without killing the plant unlike other hardwoods such as teak and
mahogany, where the whole tree dies when cut. What could be more
environmentally friendly than a plant that can be harvested but just
keeps on growing, with no forest destroyed in the process. It is the
resource of the past, present and most definately the future, and its
popularity will only increase in time as more and more people realise
its amazing potential!

Best Sellers

Chinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute ReplicaTan Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill FluteChinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica$107.00
2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo FluteAsavari Raga Flute2 Foot Asavari Raga Bamboo Flute$75.00

My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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Thank you Thomas, The flute that you made is beautiful and sounds wonderful! I appreciate your craft and look forward to learning to play this instrument. Peace brother, Mark USA

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