Thomas Richardson Music: New Products for October 2008

Namaste Everyone,

I wanted to send out a product update news letter, so those of you
who have signed up will be updated on the latest product additions to
my website.

I have learned much about this work over the past year and I now build
in the ancient tradition of the bansuri builders from India who cure
their bamboo poles for years before they begin building. I have both
green bamboo and Chinese Tonkin bamboo poles curing in my workshop.
I use fire to heat, harden, cure and color the bamboo as I build.
I burn all the tones holes with an Ahoken burning stick and some other
burning rods that I have made. I am proud of these new flutes and
I enjoy building these instruments for you.

Hearing back from you about my flutes brings me great joy!

Thank you for your correspondence.
My newest Native style flute is made from hand carved Alder Wood.
Easy to play. Pure tonal quality. Check out the MP3.
Updated Oriental flute designs are in my flute catalog
New Handcarved 4 foot forest flute tuned to the Oriental Major scale.
Nice MP3.
An amazing line of Bansuri's hand crafted by Anand Dhotre. He is the
noted Karigar, or flute-maker, for maestros in India. I am very proud
to be able to offer these to you. Comes with a red velvet flute bag.
Musician KamaNandi and myself are working on MP3s so you can hear these
fantastic bamboo flutes!
One new Didgeridoo made by Florida artisan Glen Owen. This a pro
instrument! I am building Didgeridoo now and will have my design online
at the end of this month.
New doumbeks from Turkey. I own several of these drums and they are
some of the best hand drums you can pick up anywhere. New less
expensive Tabla set from India has been added to the drum inventory.
New 4 tone hole Persian scale flute and the Arabian scale flute and
my now known Middle Eastern flute!
New Turkish Duduk! I have seen this quality sell for $95 to $100
on eBay. MP3s are in the works!
New Egyptian Nay (Ney) flutes made by a well known maker in Egypt.
Signed by the maker. These are incredible. MP3s are in the works.
New Sitars ... lower prices!

I plan to add more Drums, Sitars, Harmonium, and new Forest Flute
designs. A new Native Flute I build will be added to the inventory
next weekend. More Middle Eastern instruments will be added over the
next months. I will begin to send out updates more frequently. I am
working on my first news letter of free lessons and will get that out
to those of you who have signed up at the end of this month. I plan to
be adding free video lessons before the end of 2008!

Hope this finds you well and thank you for purchasing one of my flutes!

I honor the divine within you,

Thomas Richardson

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Middle Eastern Scale Forest FluteMiddle Eastern FluteMiddle Eastern Scale Forest Flute$103.00
Chinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute ReplicaTan Chinese Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill FluteChinese Tan Bamboo 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica$107.00

My meditation flutes are sold all over the world. Flutes are good medicine. Try one!

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Hi Thomas,
I just wanted to let you know that I have received my flute today! It is absolutely beautiful and the sound is extraordinary!!..:)) I am so pleased and I absolutely love it and have not been able to put it down since I got it.
I want to thank you so very much for making such a beautiful instrument for me. I can't get over your wonderful workmanship.
thank you again for such a wonderful flute.
Sincerely,Balbina Concord, California

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