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4 foot Kill Bill Flute replica

I received my flute and my youngest daughter has fell in love with it.
Can you build The Cured Green Bamboo Kill Bill Flute in the 4 Foot Length.
I train with the staff and your 4 foot length flutes are a true blessing to
my Shaolin studies. The work you do has truly enriched my families lives.

Anna and Steven, Tea and Maia

3 and 4 foot Kill Bill Flutes

hi , i have receive my flutes. Very nice sound , i like them alot. Can you tell what you use for the the protective coat on the bamboo to make the bamboo look so clean and shiny. i very like the natural look . Cheers

Eric Desbiens - France

Custom hexatonic flute in F and Bhairava raga flute

om shanti om....

hey thomas the fluties did arrive safe ;O)

the hexatonic scale flute is f.... cute as a Button .O)

the BHAIRAVA RAGA is very lovely...;O) and soft in its Speech to Touch Body mind and soul

In Song
Nadine Beger
Dipl. Klang - und Musiktherapeutin(IBW)/Sound&Musictherapist - Germany

KBF - Kokin flute order

Hi Thomas.

The Kill Bill Flute is amazing... also the wonderful Tiger. WOW! With the Kokin I still have to make a connection. First one then the other. Great graving of Lotus Flower and NMRK. I'm very happy.

The flutes are GREAT GREAT GREAT. Good job full of love.

Big hugh,
Antonella - Spain

4 foot Kill Bil flute

Hi Thomas,

I just received my flute and this is truly a beautiful instrument. I'm learning how to make it sing!

all the best for the future!

emmanuel - france

small Kokin flute purchase

Thomas, thank you for the kokin flute,its wonderful,I got it right
on my second try,o boy,sir where can I get a fingering chart?Do you make a
deeper kokin flute and how much?I am a natural flute player,I will be
dedicated to this flute I recieved,also what is that flute with the voice
of God Cmag something,i dont know how to read music but,playing is my
natural gift, THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL FLUTE, aloha,from hawaii I have
lived on the islands for fifty years, Michael

an order of 5, 27 inch Zen flutes

Just wanted to say Thank you so much for the awesome flutes. I teach
Martial arts in San Diego and one of my students turned me on to your web
site / music / and beautiful flutes. They purchased several flutes from
you and I just received them as gifts. I wanted to tell you how awesome
they are. From one artist to another .... beautiful work. Thanks Leslie

Arabian Flute and a custom 21 inch D pentatonic minor Asian flute

Hey there Thomas,
thank you for the flutes.
they sound great!!
A great combination of fire and wind with the arabian scale flute. Then the other, earth and water.
the difference in weight and energy are very different between the two.
I like it.

Thank you very much

curious on how they are made.

any how,
thanks for making great flutes.
I will talk to you again... when i order my next flute.


Timothy, Canada

4 foot Tan bamboo Kill Bill Flute Replica

Good evening Thomas! I hope this message finds you well. I received my flute today and it is absolutely beautiful! I am very happy. Best wishes, Cynthia, USA

Custom 3 foot Kung Fu flute


The flute has just arrived, I picked it up yesterday from the post office and I am absolutely happy with it, thank you! The colours, even the smell... and of course the carving. The notes play perfectly, now I only need to figure out what melodies to play.

I also had a little fun with imagining myself using it as a weapon - just play-pretend, of course. And my colleagues at Uni wanted me to play for them the moment I unwrapped it.

Thank you again, and keep doing your wonderful work.

Adina, Romania

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Correspondence on the 23.5 Oriental Minor Flute
Namaste Thomas and thank You! The flute came today and I like it VERY MUCH!
All good to You from quite cold and dark Helsinki!
Juha Rikka, Professional Musician
Further correspondence:
Namaste Thomas!
I must say that this is the best flute I have ever played! You were right: It plays nicely in three octaves. Some players say that C#minor is voice of God. It sounds very odd but I think it`s true. I have played with virtual Tampura and yesterday evening I gave a concert to my friends. They heard Mother Earth's speaking from this piece of bamboo!
Thank You again!

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