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5 foot Tan Kill Bill Flute Replica

tom, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful flute!!! it arrived safely and in perfect condition. i will treasure her forever!
trent coe, usa

Gentle Spirit Flute Replica


Love the flute. Beautiful tone. I will most certainly be ordering more in the near future.



East Coast USA

12/17/10 Shaolin Kung Fu flute feedback

I wanted to leave you a testimonial for your page.

A big thank you to Thomas and Nicole for the beautiful Shaolin Kung Fu Flute. The carving and colors are awesome! We toured through China for 3 weeks summer of 2008 and looked at many flutes in the different providences we were at. The flute that you and Nicole have made for my son stands out! it is truly a one of a kind and a work of art.

Thank You

Bruce, USA

Arabian Flute with new Sufi emblem embellishment

David Bonham sent a message using the contact form at

Greetings Mr.Richardson,

An hour after I e-mail you worrying that my flute maybe ripped-off, it
shows up on my doorstep. What a beautiful instrument it is. Thank you for
the custom Sufi emblem. That really personalized it for me. Full
tone, speaks clean, I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much! Dave

New Native Bamboo Flute!

Hey Thomas, I received the flute earlier today, looks beautiful and
sounds even more so. Can't thank you enough. I'll be hitting you up
in the future for a few other items. Peace.

Custom Chinese Zodiac Flute


Joseph Rivers Flute order

Hi, Thomas,

Could not wait to tell you how amazed I am at the sight and sound of my new Joseph Rivers flute, which arrived today. I have several very special flutes, but this one has instantly become my favorite. How beautiful it is with the special finishes and the wonderful artwork, but even its appearance cannot compare to its voice. It takes so little breath to bring forth such a rich, full sound. It will be my every day companion from now on.

Custom 5 Foot Master Carved Flute and Small Egyptian Flute not in the inventory yet

For the 5 feet. i like very much the comfort for fingering. The finger holes are really fantastic. Very comfortable and well designed. Blow hole too.

Very easy to reach the second octave and i can also reach correctly half of the third. Very easy. Need very little breathing to produce nice sounds... Extremely responsive (sometime, i unintentionnally overblow to the third octave... first time with a 5 foot flute for me) a pure joy to play.

So, she is really perfect for me, thanks a lot to you and Nicole.

Custom Shakuhachi with tiger carving

I absolutely love it the way it is. Tell Nicole that I love the carving, the mountains and night sky are beautiful!!! Thank you so much, I am starting to get the hang of directing the air properly, and it sounds tremendous! Thank you soooo much for building this wonderful Shakuhachi!
~Rachel Clay, US

Feedback on a custom 6 tone hole Kill Bill Flute, and a custom Arabian flute!!

Thomas and Nicole,

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The flute has just arrived, I picked it up yesterday from the post office and I am absolutely happy with it, thank you! The colours, even the smell... and of course the carving. The notes play perfectly, now I only need to figure out what melodies to play.
I also had a little fun with imagining myself using it as a weapon - just play-pretend, of course. And my colleagues at Uni wanted me to play for them the moment I unwrapped it.
Thank you again, and keep doing your wonderful work.
Adina, Romania

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