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Flute Correspondence

I am very close to being able to purchase a custom flute, and just want to get some more options to choose from. I have recently looked at your gallery, and really liked what I saw. For example:
I loved your fire treating look on one of the custom flutes, the reddish brown burnt marks looked amazing*****
The die work for the 27" Zen flute was superb!!!*****
The detail put into the peacock flute was jaw dropping!*****
I absolutely loved the black bamboo flute, the contrast of light on dark was very new and intriguing to me.*****

23 Inch Oriental Minor Flute

Beautiful flute by a truly gifted flute maker. Honored to play this unique instrument, and delighted with the original artwork on it. Highly recommend this flute builder. Thanks so much!


East Coast

Joseph Rivers Flute correspondence

Hi, Thomas,
Could not wait to tell you how amazed I am at the sight and sound of my new Joseph Rivers flute, which arrived today. I have several very special flutes, but this one has instantly become my favorite. How beautiful it is with the special finishes and the wonderful artwork, but even its appearance cannot compare to its voice. It takes so little breath to bring forth such a rich, full sound. It will be my every day companion from now on.

Custom north indian flute and middle eastern flute with Persian motiffs and lettering.

Hi Thomas/Nicole

Have received my new flutes in perfect condition,and they look great, i
like the paintings on them and have noticed there is slight guilding on them too which shines in the light. they also feel nice and solid too. and im sure i can detect a slight smell of incense on one of them.

I cant say much about the sound of them yet as im not proficient at playing
but am quickly managing to get a sound out of them which is nice and
clear so im excited to hear more of it as i progress,just got to go find
somewhere with good natural reverb now.

From one of Joseph Rivers websites

Musica Maestro!

In search of a unique custom made flute? Check Thomas Richardson's website.

Thomas' talent and gift in creating custom made flutes based on each customer's needs are exceptional. Joseph Rivers commissioned Thomas Richardson to design a flute with a specific sound: Joseph Rivers Zen Flute.

Kung Fu flute and Reiki Symbol Egyptian Scale Flute

Hello Thomas,

I received this morning my kung fu and my egyptian flute without any problem.

They are really stunning and seems to sound very well. I have no time this week end to really play them, but i will try seriously monday and am sure to enjoy them wildly and quickly. They are now masterpieces of my collection.

Thanks for all

All the best,

José - France

Green Bamboo Kill Bill Flute Replica

Hi Thomas :-)

After a lot of waiting, it arrived this week. It is so wonderful and just
amazing. Thank you so much for this little masterpiece. I really love it.
Nice greetings from Germany

Anasazi Flute

I received my little anasazi flute this morning without absolutely no problem.

So, all as i really have to say is that you were totally right.

She is really wonderfull and sound delightful. i was amazed to hear how it is loud and clear voice and astonishingly pretty powerful. So, I am very happy with this one, it is just a great flute. And please, congrats to your wife for carving and drawing that are also delightful.

Green Bamboo Kill Bill Flute Replica

Hi Thomas :-)

After a lot of waiting, it arrived this week. It is so wonderful and just
amazing. Thank you so much for this little masterpiece. I really love it.
nice greetings from Germany!

4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica sold 10/15/2009

hello Thomas,

Just received the flute !...wow !!!! amazing !!!! lost for words.....

it is truly beautiful, a piece of art for sure.. thank you for producing such a beautiful instrument for me.

Had a play on it and first time ever on a flute and was surprised how easy it was to get notes..wonderful meditative sounds...

I know I am going to enjoy playing it.

I dont know what to say, I am just so happy.

Thank you Thomas and I will keep you updated with my progress and will also highly recommend you.

best wishes

Steve Bindon, New York

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Thomas and Nicole,
The two flutes arrived today. They are stunning. I absolutely love the art on both. The Arabian took a little practice to get to sing, but now that I'm getting comfortable with it, the sound is breathtaking. It's beautifully haunting. The kill bill also sounds amazing. I haven't had as much time to play that one yet, but plan to tonight. The arabian is actually sitting next to me on my desk at work, and everyone who walks by has to stop to admire it. I love them both, you have once again sent me two pieces of beautiful art. Thank you so much! P.S., may be ordering yet another here soon. I'm lusting after an egyptian flute as we speak. Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered making a flute with an Irish ( low D keyed) sound to it? : ) Thought I'd ask in honor of ST. Pattys. Again thank you so much, and my wife and I are both stunned by these flutes. They turned out beautifully and I couldn't be happier with the sound and art. Hope you are both well!

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