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23 Inch Oriental Minor Bamboo Flute

I received my oriental minor forest flute, and I must say I really love it.
It is not very hard to play, but the sound is wonderful. I will really
enjoy this flute for a very long time. Thank you for this wonderful flute.

Baukje Weber

5 Foot Black Bamboo Kill Bill Flute Replica


I did receive the flute, and it exceeds all of my expectations. It is a beautifully crafted instrument and I will surely recommend your instruments to friends and colleagues. As beautiful as it sounds in my initial fiddlings, once I get a proper embroucher I'm sure I will never want to put it down.

Thank you again, your work is superb!!


Reiki Flower of Life Egyptian Flute

Hi Thomas,

I just wanted to let you know that I could not possibly be happier with
the flute that I just purchased from you. Not only does it look like a
true work of art, it sounds like one too. I have many flutes but yours
is definitely my new favorite. Thank you very, very much and I look
forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Blessings & light,
Y. Cohen

Another 4 Foot Kill Bill Flute Replica customer from France


the flute has just this minute arrived, im speechless its a phenomonial looking instrument, you have some real talent with these! The kanji is perfectly placed and perfectly burned into the wood, i couldnt ask for that
to look any better.

The custom bindings looks brilliant. The whole flute is just amazing.

Thank you so much for getting this made for me.

I love it!

thanks again

Chay Longdin, France

Corespondence on the Samurai Flute and the 27 Inch Zen Buddhist Flute

Thomas & Nicole,

I wanted to let you know that the flutes arrived safe and sound. I also wish to convey my deepest thanks to you and Nicole for the love that was put into making these flutes.

Some people go through life not knowing their purpose, but it is clear that you and Nicole have found your purpose by creating these works of art. They are soo beautiful, both of you have done a wonderful job.

Just so you know I'll be taking these flutes up to the hills, here in Korea, soon and while there I'll find a quiet place, play a little bit and think of you both.

Green Bamboo Kill Bill Replica Testimonial

Hello Thomas

Thanks a lot, i just got my flute and am very very happy with her.

I could make sound easy and what is perfect is that i can easy reach the holes with my small hands as some flutes i bought on the net i can't play as the holes are to far apart.
This flute looks like a real old flute and the sound is amazing so if i still get that coupon from you for a discount then soon i will order 1 more.

Are all your flutes easy to play as for the holes not being to far apart for small hands, otherwise let me know which ones are so i can make my choice.

2009 Shaolin Flute correspondence:

Hey Thomas,

Well done! Thank you much for a beautiful piece of art. Your wife, Nicole, did a super job on her contributions and the Shaolin flute has excellent tones. I look forward to years of beautiful music from the flute. I'm sure you will hear from me again soon.

Thanks again and best regards to you and Nicole,

2009 Correspondence on the 27 Inch Zen Buddhist Flute

Hi Thomas,

The flute arrived in perfect condition yesterday afternoon.

It is indeed beautiful and Nicole did a grand job!

As I am an absolute beginner, the sounds I'm making are very tentative, but though unskilled, I am persistent.


Correspondence on the Bhairavi Raga Flute

Hey Thomas,

The flute arrived today, and I want to keep playing, but have to stop to tell you how beautiful it is and how beautiful it plays!

2/28/09 testimonial on my new Shakuhachi and new Anazasi flutes.

Thomas - the Shakuhachi has a really cheerful, happy tone, with a rich, soothing quality -- Well Done!!!. I also really like Nicole's art work. It has a real "dynamic life" quality to it, yet a nice balance of simplicity, activity and space. It will be perfect for the work we discussed. You and Nicole are right on target with this one!

I haven't worked much with the Anasazi yet - but as always the tone on that is quite nice as well. I'll write some more about this one tomorrow.

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Hi Thomas/Nicole
Have received my new flutes in perfect condition,and they look great, i
like the paintings on them and have noticed there is slight guilding on them too which shines in the light. they also feel nice and solid too. and im sure i can detect a slight smell of incense on one of them.
I cant say much about the sound of them yet as im not proficient at playing
but am quickly managing to get a sound out of them which is nice and
clear so im excited to hear more of it as i progress,just got to go find
somewhere with good natural reverb now.
Thanks again for the work put into these.
Michael - United Kingdom

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