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Correspondence on the Green Bamboo Kill Bill Flute Replica

Haha, just needed to wait one more day. Flute arrived about 2 hours ago and I haven't put it down. I see you went for the woodburnt lettering instead of the hand-carving and custom paint, but I must say the flute looks excellent. It sounds incredible, exactly what I was hoping for, deep rich bass tones as well as full and clean highs. I love it.

I got my flute yesterday. Wow! Who knew that black bamboo could look so good as a flute! Great job on your part. Workmanship was very nice. I like the banding you put across the flute. Nice touch.

Kirk Chandler
3d Designer-Drafter
PSF Industries Inc.
Seatlle Wa

Mr. Richardson,

We received the two beautiful flutes on Monday 22DEC. We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our purchase. You did an outstanding job crafting these wonderful instruments. Our son is having a fabulous time with both flutes (and so are we and everyone else in this household).

Dear Thomas,

I've received my flute this friday and I just want to thank you again.

You're a great flute builder and my kill bill flute replica is amazing.

I enjoy the sound and the design. If you can give me advices about flute's protection and etc...I'm

It's very tempting to have other flutes that you build.
Good work, I'm very satisfied and I thank you again.

Christophe, France

Correspondence on the 23.5 Oriental Minor Flute

Namaste Thomas and thank You! The flute came today and I like it VERY MUCH!

All good to You from quite cold and dark Helsinki!
Juha Rikka, Professional Musician

Further correspondence:

Namaste Thomas!

Correspondence on the Middle Eastern Flute:

Hi Thomas,

I LOVE both of the flutes you built. They are really spectacular - both in looks, and especially in sound. I love the rich, deep tones of the Arabian flute, and the hauntingly beautiful, and healing sounds of the Middle Eastern Forest flute.

I can't thank you enough for these wonderful instruments. I just can't say enough about them. They are quite special, and I know that they will be conduits for an extraordinary energy.

I look forward to sharing the music with you and others some day!



Email correspondence from professional musician KamaNandi after receiving his 27.5 ZEN flute. I left you a phone message, but wanted to write also. The flute is amazing, it sounds great, it looks great, it's top-notch work and I really appreciate what you've done with these flutes. Excellent, I'm extremely pleased.

Correspondence on the Joseph Rivers Zen Flute Design.

Just wanted to thank you for your work. I love my flute!!! I thought there would be much more resistance (was happy there is none!) and am so surprised with the clear pure tone!!!

THANK YOU!!!!! ;o) C. Wong NYC

I bought the 27.5 ZEN MEDITATION FLUTE from you a few weeks ago. It's been awesome, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it! Do you have any sheet music I can buy from you? I'm new to the flute world!


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Customer from the Netherlands
Hello Thomas,
I received your flute today. It looks just beautiful and plays even better! I know I'll enjoy this flute very much for a long time.
Thanks very much for this wonderful flute,
Gilian Hettinga

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